A day in Bordeaux

Before to go to Cape Verde, I have done a city break in Bordeaux. With a return trip ticket for 30€ via Ouigo (departure from Paris), it was hard to resist to the temptation. 😉

So, I have enjoyed this opportunity to do a tour of the city. And here is an itinerary that I suggest you.

1 – Pont de Pierre

Really beautiful bridge…made with stones! You can cross it by walk, car, bike or even tram. It is a great spot to take pictures.

2 – Porte de Bourgogne

This gate is located at the end of the Pont de Pierre. It’s nice to take a picture.

3 – Porte Cailhau

Beautiful door that deserves to be taken in picture. For 5€, you can also go up the top if you want.

4 – Place de la Bourse and the Miroir d’eau

It is the most famous place of the city. Here, you can have some fun by taking the reflection of the Palais de la Bourse building in the Miroir d’eau. Or even the kids playing there.

5 – The Cité du Vin

20€ per person with a glass of wine to drink at the Belvédère

I recommend you to do it during the off-peak time. The permanent exhibition is really playful, if there is too much people, you won’t be able to fully enjoy the experience (especially if you like wine 😉 ). You will have the chance to know more about wine history and also to discover the different steps of production.

6 – The Pey Berland Tower and the Saint-André Cathedral

The two can be visited. The Cathedral entrance is free when you have to pay 5€ to go to the top of the Tower. Caution, there is often a small waiting queue at the entrance.

7 – The Grosse Cloche

It is a really beautiful historical building. I highly recommend you to have a look at it. You also can visit the inside during your time there for 5€.

8 – Rue Sainte Catherine

This shopping street is reserved to the pedestrians. So, it’s time to have a shopping break while walking towards our next stop. 😉

9 – Place de la Victoire

Once you arrive at the end of the street, you will walk under the Aquitaine Gate to discover the Place de la Victoire. You could take a picture of the famous turtles located at the center of the square. After what, you could seat and chill at one of its terraces (is the weather allows it 😉 ).

Little tips:

  • Take the CityPass (29€ for 24 hours) if you are planning to visit all the tourist attractions the city has to offer you. It would help you saving some euros.
  • By the way, you can use this pass to move in the city or take the transport pass 24h for 5€.

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