A week in Berlin

A year ago, I went to Berlin with some friends that I’ve meet while traveling in Costa Rica, Nicaragua and South Africa. I am gonna share with you what I’ve done there and my thoughts about it.

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Where did I sleep?

With my friends, we arrange to meet at the Stay Comfort Hostel. We all stayed in dormitories. This hostel has an amazing location: close to shops, restaurants, bars, touristic attractions and also a station. The mattress were really comfy and lockers are available everywhere in the hostel. But, there isn’t any key to lock the rooms, no real commun space and le kitchen isn’t the best.

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The historical sites

Berlin is a city full a story. As it was my second time there, I haven’t done exactly the same things. However, here are the different historical sites and museums I’ve done.

The first museum we did the Jewish museum. The entrance costs 8 € (only 3€ if you are student). We can see everything is around one hour. For me, there are only two things to see there : the void and the holocaust tower. This last one is really oppressive especially when you think that millions of jewish people had to live in similar conditions…

In the same category, we went to the Holocaust memorial which is really interesting and touching. The admission is free and the line is quick. IT will take you around one hour to see everything. I highly recommend it.

What would be Berlin without its wall? Pieces of it have been put a bit everywhere in the city. And of course, we went to see the famous East Side Gallery. Artists made wonderful painting there. You could also chill in the grass around.

We also went to the famous Checkpoint Charlie. You can take pictures with the soldiers for few euros. On the other hand, everything changed all around which is kind of weird when you know the history of this place. Because of Google Maps, I’ve learned the location of Hitler’s bunker during world war II. And there, SURPRISE, nothing to see !

I also recommend you to see the Brandebourg door. 😉

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Where to eat?

Few minutes away by walk from the hostel, you could find a Rewe City market who offers good and cheap products. It opens till late but close on Sundays.

When we went to CheckPoint Charlie, it was lunch time. We tried 2 food trucks that were in the surroundings : the Hussi’s halumi hutte who cook really good falafel for 5€ and the Original Berliner Currywurst to try the famous German sausages (not too bad and really cheap : 6€ for French fries and sausage).

Before to go up the Fernsehturm, we ate a really good salad at Dean & David for 8 €. After being blowed by the view, we decided to have a drink close to the Spree. We enjoyed the deckchairs of the Olla Grill & Orient Lounge Bar.

A Berliner friend made me try the best burgers in town at the Burger AMT. Attention, they are delicious but also really generous. There are two ways to eat them : at the restaurant or in take away.

She also brought me to Tiergarden and its Cafe Am Neuen See. It is a restaurant with a really nice atmosphere. It is possible to have a drink or eat something. You can also rent a boat to chill on the lake.

Also, I highly recommend you to go to the Markthall Neun on Thursday night. The market became a street food market. At this occasion we could try few stands. Among them, my favourites were the Tapio Caria – Brasilian food (cheap and good) and the Die Striezler (really good, my favourite).

Where to party?

During this week, we went out twice. The first time was at the Watergate. This nightclub is close to the hostel and has an amazing view on the Spree. You can get in for 15 €. There are two rooms. You can drink cheap beers but the cocktails are kind of expensive.

The second time was at the Sisyphos. This last one is far away from the center. But once you passed the ID check (ID is compulsory to prove that you are older than 21yo), you can stay there till Monday morning. It is possible to leave and come back (they change the stamp every 24 hours but they might ask you 5€ extra). Drinks and pizzas are available at any time. The music is good in the 3 rooms but also outside. But the WC aren’t really clean.

Attention, whatever the nightclub you are going to, you aren’t allowed to take pictures. They are completely prohibited. If you do not follow this rule, they might ask you to leave the place.

Other things to do?

We also went into few parks. The Tempelhof Feld was builded on an old airport. It is perfect to ride a bike, skate or even just read a book in the grass.

The Viktoria Park in the suburb of Kreuzberg has an amazing view in the city. Dancing lessons are done at the end of the day on the top of the park. A small river cross the park.

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The Maeurpark (my favourite) is the place to be during the weekend. Food trucks, second hand clothes stands and few other things are there. Music bands and different artists are giving show in the other side of the park. You also could spend hours with noticing how much time you are spending there.

Badeschiff isn’t a park but a swimming pool close to the Spree. Few minutes away by walk from the hostel, you can get in for only 5,5€. You could easily spend your entire day there but be careful, you are not allowed to bring drinks or food. Of course, everything is available on site : the food is cheap (5€ for a wrap, 7€ for a burger or 3,5€ for French fries) and the prices of the bar is similar that anywhere else (6€ for a spritz + 1 € consigne).

A picture stop can be made at the Kaiser Wilhem Church known as the souvenir church. This vestige builded in the middle of new constructions and shops is the perfect description of Berlin : a mix between old and new.

A nice lookout?

Go up the TV Tower. It is the highest building in Germany. A little tip, if you want you can buy your ticket for 15,50€. And instead of doing the line you can let your number and you will get a text message when it is your turn !

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Also, you could simply have a drink or eat at the restaurant of the tower. It turns and enable you to get a 360° view on the city between 30 minutes and one hour.

A bit more…

At the Radisson Blu hotel, you can get a view on a part of the Berlin’s aquarium.

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Also, if you like street art, you could find some a bit everywhere in the city. I can only advise you to walk around and be careful on what’s around you. 😉

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