Apps that I use during my trips

Some of you might want to know which apps I use during my different trips and why I use them. Here is a small list.

XE Currency Logo

XE Currency is the best way to convert your home currency in the one of the country you are travelling. It makes it easier to know how much you pay and everything. Super easy to use, when you are offline it keeps the last value from when you were connected. 🙂

WordReference Logo

WordReference is the best online dictionnary. I use it a lot to make sure to use the right word or to add some vocabulary to learn. 🙂

Travelbees Logo

Travelbees has been done by a friend’s friend. It’s like your map where you can keep all the places you’ve been to. And more, your Facebook’s friends can see your recommendations. Only available on the App Store at the moment. 😉

PlayMemories Logo

PlayMemories is the app of my camera. It allows me to upload all my pictures and videos from my camera to my phone. Really useful, I use it all the time. 🙂

gopro logo

This GoPro app is the equivalent of the PlayMemories one but for my GoPro. 🙂

fizzer logo

Fizzer is one of my favourite app. It allows you to send your personnalised post card from your phone. You even can follow when they should be sent and confirm their right reception. If you wanna try it, that’s my code to get 2 credits after your first payment : LEA175192

books logo

Books isn’t what I prefer. I definitely prefer to read a real book. But I have to admit that it allows me to read more books without carrying their weight in my backpack.

Google maps logo

With the possibility of uploading the maps to use them offline, I love it. The only problem is that it only shows you the car way not the walking one, which can be useful while traveling.

Messenger logo

WhatsApp Logo

Messenger and WhatsApp are the two apps that I use the most to keep in touch with my friends and family. 🙂

Leave me a comment to let me know your thoughts about these apps or just to tell me the one you use during your trips. 🙂

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