Bacon & Egg Roll

During my two years in Australia, I’ve been able to try some of their specialities. One of them is the Bacon & Egg Roll (and I have to admit one of my favourite one!).

To make some, you will need:

  • One English muffin per person (or two, depending on how hungry you are 😉 ),
  • One egg per muffin,
  • One slice of cheddar per muffin,
  • One slice of bacon per muffin,
  • One oignon (for 4 muffins),
  • Some sauce (tomato, mustard, mayonnaise…),
  • Some vinegar,
  • Some sugar,
  • Some olive oil,
  • A knife,
  • A grill,
  • A pan,
  • A toaster.

Peel and cut the oignon. Put some olive oil in a pan. When it’s hot, add the oignon. Once they are brown, add some vinegar and some sugar to comfit them. Put them a side and keep them warm.

Heat the grill and cook the bacon. Cook the fried egg while you cut the english muffin in two and warm them up in the toaster.

Once everything is ready, put some sauce in the english muffin, add the cheese, the bacon and some oignon before to put the fried egg.

Serve and BON APPÉTIT !

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