Bellonte farm

During one of my stay at my brother at the Puy en Velay, I’ve enjoyed this time to go to the Bellonte farm. This farm based in Saint-Nectaire is 114km away from the Puy. It is specialised in the production of Saint-Nectaire. I saw on its website that the visit was free and more than everything it is possible to visit it every day! So I enjoyed my return trip to go there (a little detour to return to Paris).

To find it, better to have a GPS… Of course, there are some signs that show the way but being in the middle of the countryside, it is safer. 😉 A free car park is available around the farm. Once on site, you can enter freely in the barn where you will be surrounded by a lot of cows. And if, as us, you are lucky, you might see a lot of calfs. When we were there, there were few of them with one that was born the day before. They were really cute (yes, I am this kind of person completely gaga in front of baby animals…). One of the farmers was feeding them, it was a special moment.

Regarding the preparation of the cheese, I have to admit that I was a bit disappointed : a video explains you the making and you will have access to the “labatory” where this one is made. I thought it will be a real visit as the one I had for the Parmesan (an article about it is coming up 😉 ). Of course, you will be able to buy a St Nectaire at the farm’s shop. 🙂

And you, did you visit it? What did you think about it? Would you do it? 🙂

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