During few years, my friend Fanny was transfered in French Guyana. So, I enjoyed this time to go visit her and explore around with her. During my stay, she brought me during few days in a carbet* in the tropical forest. 

She book this excursion to the Camp Cisame via the travel agency Couleurs Amazone based in Cayenne. For your information, I don’t recommend you this agency, one of our excursions had been cancelled and they didn’t inform us. We drove few hours for nothing. The local told us about the cancellation once we arrived on site. Luckily, we could do another excursion there (even if it wasn’t at all the one we wanted to do – an article about this is coming up 😉 ). 


We had to drove to Régina. From there, we went in a pirogue, for around an hour and a half, to reach the camp. During two days and a night, we slept in hammocks, ate local meals, everything with an amazing group. In all, we were a group of almost 10 persons plus the staff. At the carbet, we didn’t have any phone access or even any Wifi. This allowed us to get a real interaction with each person of the group but also to enjoy as much as possible the activities offered by the camp. 

At the program, we had the choice between: 

  • Initiation to gold panning,
  • Walk in the forest, 
  • Swimming in the river.

Initiation to gold panning

The staff took us to a « pond » where, apparently, it is possible to find gold. It was kind of funny. If you do it, you shouldn’t be scared to get a bit dirty. But, unfortunately, we didn’t find any gold.  

Walk in the forest

During around an hour, I think, we walked in the forest with a guide. He explained us how they used to communicate via the trees, what they used to brush their hairs, how to climb a palm tree (I’ve tries and… I’ve failled 😉 ) or even where to find water. 

Swimming in the river

After few minutes of walking along the river, they invite you to wear a life jacket and go in the water. Like this you go down the river swimming to get back to the camp. The water was of course completely opaque, so we couldn’t see what was in it. At night, after drinking few punchs and ate some accras, the staff told us what we were swimming with… caïmans, anacondas, piranhas but also some electric eels!!! Luckily, we didn’t meet any of them. 😉 


During the night, we slept in the carbet’s hammocks with a mosquito net. Everything was furnished by the camp. It was an unique experience. I’ve loved it ! We were in the jungle and we could only hear the noises made by the animals living there such as howler monkeys. I have to admit, at the start it was kind of difficult to fall asleep between the animals screams and finding the right position to sleep in the hammock. But once I did, I slept really well. 


As I’ve said a bit upper, it was a real unique experience to do. It is in the list of the experiences that I would like to do again if I have the opportunity. I keep a really good memory of it. The team was amazing, really welcoming and ready to answer to all of our questions. The food was delicious. I highly recommend it to you ! 

*carbet : typical Amerindian wooden shelter. You could find some in Guyana, Brazil… (Wikipédia definition)

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