Corfu, the wild one…

Almost 2 months after my return from this amazing island, it was time for me to share this journey with you. 😉

The accommodation

For the first time in a while, I traveled with my friends. We decided to rent a villa with a swimming pool via Airbnb. We had our heart set on the Driftwood villa. And, we didn’t regret it!!! It is located in the middle of a conservation area. Only few minutes away from Korisson lake and Halikounas beach, we really had the feeling to be alone.

Photo taken by Meghann Buron

On the other hand, a car is essential : all the facilities are few kilometers away (15 minutes by car to go to Moraitika). And, especially, be aware, the road to get to the villa isn’t tarmeced.

The transport

To go to this island, we took an EasyJet flight from Charles de Gaulle airport. Caution, the flights aren’t running everyday.

To move around, we booked two cars via RentalCars. We choose the Goldcar agency that looked the best one regarding the price-quality ratio. I highly recommend you to take the insurance offered by the agency because of some roads conditions and the damages they could do on the car. Also, this agency is close to the airport : a free shuttle service is at your disposal between the airport and the agency.

Things to do and see

The first beach we went to the one of Halikounas. It isn’t the most beautiful one but it is an amazing kit surf spot which means a lot of wind and current. There are 2/3 bars along the beach that also offer deckchairs rentals (2 deckchairs + 1 sunshade cost 7€). At the other side of the beach, there is Issos beach. From there, you can go up to the sand dune and have a panoramic view on Korisson lake and its conservation area.

Conservation Area – Lac Korisson

One morning, I wanted to see what was around the villa and the other beaches close by. So, I went to Prasoudi beach. It is really small (almost a cove). You can go for a swim in clear water like in the postal cards before to dry on one of the deckchair you can rent for the day. On top of the cliff, you can eat and drink in a local tavern. There is also a hotel adjacent with a free parking.

On the way to Prasoudi beach, I’ve followed the signs to Kanouli beach (that I didn’t find). And following this road, I’ve find a spot to take some great pictures of the coast.  

On the road between the house and Moraitika, there are the remains of the byzantine fortress of Gardiki dated from the 13thcentury. The entrance is free. The visit is completely open and takes only few minutes. From the center, you have a panoramic view of the area. If like to see illuminated buildings by night, come back after sunset and you will be able to see the remains illuminated.

On the road between the house and Prasoudi beach (yes still this one), there is a sign that signal a fountain builded by Serbian soldiers during WWI. You can park on the shade of the olives trees that are super close and walk few meters to find it. Be careful, it might be full of bees.

A day in a boat

For our last day, we decided to do a boat excursion.

As an inside, we hesitated between rent a no-licence boat and doing an excursion. If we had rent a no-licence boat, in two hours, we would have been from one side of the beach to the other side. So, we decided to go an excursion.

We booked it via the travel agency Corfu Compass based in Agios Gordios. And we choose the BBQ day tour for 28€ per person (shuttle and lunch included). This tour took us to the North of the island. You will have the occasion to swim in Akoli beach (shingle beach, with a small lake behind, accessible only by boat) and the one of Arias (small shingle beach accessible only by boat).

For that matter, if you go to Agios Gordios, you should know that there is a nice beach there even if it is really crowded and touristic. 😉

There is also the long sandy Marathias beach. It has at your disposal few bars and restaurants. And as on every beach, it is possible to rent deckchairs.

If you are close to Moraitika and want to have a drink one night, there are few bars opened along the beach. One of them is the Golden Beach Elvis Bar which really special. All the decoration is about the sixties celebrities whose Elvis Presley, to the point where the boss is an Elvis’double… A dance show is happening every night with a demonstration of the famous sirtaki.

NB : there is a lot of alcohol in the cocktail.

The food

During our holidays, we enjoyed the house to cook for ourselves but we also ate outside.

When we arrived, we were looking for a place to eat on our way to the villa. We stopped at the Avra tavern in Benitses. This restaurant has a view on the beach and offers a delicious local food. The staff was also super nice.

Really close to the house, there is the Alonaki Bay tavern. It is a great place to have dinner. It has been recommended by the villa’s owners. And we understood why : amazing view on the bay, delicious local food and a great price-quality ratio. Attention if you want to go there, this place is really valued during the weekend (especially on Sunday by the locals).

Close to the house, we also tried the Seaside Snack Bar in Moraitika. It has a view on the beach. Despite of a staff a bit weird, we ate well and for nothing. You can also taste local wines at the S. Livadiotis Winery.

For the birthday of one of my friends, we went to Agios Gordios. And, more precisely to the Sebastian’s Tavern (they are also a B&B for the one interested 😉). We ate SUPER well but, how copious it was! So good and copious that we took the leftovers with us. If you would like to try their cooking, I highly recommend you to book a table in advance!

We tried few others places as well in Agios Gordios. We had a copious breakfast at the Ark Kitchen Bar. Along the beach, you can use their deckchairs and Wifi for free is you are a customer. We had lunch at the Dionisos Bar which a cheap fast food where they do great pita sandwiches. And we ate crepes for a snack at the Food Creperie Massa. They were really good and copious. They offer pitas sandwiches too. 

But, whatever the restaurant, I recommend your to try :

  • Tzatziki,
  • Feta and more especially the one grilled with sesame and honey,
  • The famous greek yogourt,
  • Zucchini balls (that I really loved),
  • Moussaka,
  • Greek Salad (of course !),
  • Stuffed wine leafs,
  • Sandwiches with pita bread,
  • Ouzo,
  • Kumquat liquor…

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