Falling in love and being a traveler

Some of you might wonder how is it possible to travel and being in a relationship. I think that most traveler would agree with me it’s tough.

When you are single, you meet a lot of people, have a lot of crushes on the road. But, to find “the one” is hard. Sometimes there is this crush on this person you’ve met while traveling. You might travel together a bit. And if you are lucky enough you will keep talking afterwards and even see each other. It can also be hard, when you are on the road, everything can be emphasise your feelings, your thoughts which means the separation can be a difficult step to go through. But anyway, this travel love story will became a nice souvenir that you will keep with you forever. Just in few cases, there is a happy ending where you stay together and keep traveling together (I think that one of the most beautiful love story).

When you are single, it’s also hard because you might not be used to the traditional code of dating so once you are back home and try to get a love life there it can get messy. The codes aren’t the same as the one when you are traveling. While on the road you won’t wait 3 dates to kiss or more, you won’t wait few days before to send a text. Everything goes fast because you know that each days counts. So when you are back home, what should you do? You have no clue !! For example, my love life is kind of messy because I am not use to the traditional way of dating anymore and I always put myself under a lot of pressure when I met someone. The only thing you can do it is to stay yourself. Don’t try to change for someone that won’t like you for who you are. 😉

When you are in a relationship, I have meet couples traveling together. They are sharing the same vision, the same wish.. I love to listen to their stories. Most of the time they decided together to leave everything to travel the world together. I’ve also meet people who are in a relationship but aren’t traveling together. For them, it’s hard. You have to get used to only speak on the phone, to plan your phone calls and everything. Some couple get back stronger while for some other break up at some point because it is hard, too hard to keep the distance. Some people says, if you are mean to be together you will go through it and find a way back to each other. <3

I had a crush while traveling but I also already traveled by myself while being with someone. Both of them where different experiences. I think that’s easier to find someone on the road than being away from your soulmate. Anyway, whatever the story is, the length (few days, few weeks or even few years), you might cherish these special moments that you have shared with someone overseas. They are a part of your travel and made you grow up.

Let me know your thoughts and/or your story in comments. I look forward to read them. 😉

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