The “ferias”, something to do?

Every year and during the whole summer, North of Spain and South West of France became a huge party in honour of bulls. During few days, the streets of a city (Pampelune, Bayonne, Dax, Mont-de-Marsan…) is full of people wearing the same colors (white and red or white and blue) who are going tp follow the rhythm given by the corridas and parties.

I’m gonna talk to you about the ones I’ve already done : Bayonne and Dax (my favourite).


In July, the most famous French party attracts a lot of people. That’s one of the reasons why you have to purchase a pass to access the party (8€ per Pass per person). You could enjoy the Basques meals with your family during the day and party during the night with your friends or even attend a corrida or a cow race. For the accommodation, you have two possibilities:
  • Rent a spot for your tents in the welcome area (be aware, wild camping is prohibited),
  • Book a room in Bayonne or another city close by.
Whatever your preference, shuttles are set up from most of the cities around to Bayonne.


This féria is smaller but also more familial than the one of Bayonne (That’s mainly why it is my favourite one 😉 ). It usually happens during the weekend of the 15th of August. Here, no fees to access the party. Few free areas are opened to welcome you, your car and your tent (that’s where I am staying with my friends during the celebrations). Shuttles are available to run between these areas and the city center where the parties are happening. For 7€, you have a pass to take the shuttle during the whole time of the celebrations. During the day, different animations are planned : cows racing, the children day, pins demonstration… There is something for everyone and if you would like to rest on a beach, that’s also something you can. 🙂 You can also find the totality of the programme on the official website of the celebrations: All along the week, corridas are planned in the Dax’s arena. You have to pay to see one. For me, I’ve done it once and I’ve find it hard to watch and really cruel : 3 toreadors, 6 bulls, a sentence of death for each one of them. The psychological duel between the animal and the man is really impressive but I couldn’t bear to watch it.

What’s around

When you are going in the French Basque Country on this occasion, you could have the opportunity to discover the jewels of the region. Here are some examples of things to do: 

  • Labenne beach,
  • The city of Biarritz and its beach,
  • Possibility to learn how to surf,
  • The city and the beach of Le Cap Breton,
  • Bordeaux,
  • The famous dune du Pilat,
  • Hendaye,
  • Saint-Jean de Luz,
  • Anglet,
  • Seignosse…
If you would like to know more, see you on my Instagram story (TravelTipsByLea) from the 14th of August. 😉

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