Insure yourself during your travel?

Why insure yourself?

During my first real travel, I’ve went by myself in Australia. It was also at this moment that I’ve subscribed a travel insurance for the first time. And, it was the best thing I’ve ever done!

By the way, during my two years in Australia, I ended up twice at the hospital and I’ve done few round trips to the doctor. To give you an idea :

  • A consultation with a General Practitioner usually costs around AU$ 90 (it probably costs more today… :/ ),
  • The entrance fees to the emergency of the St Vincent hospital in Sydney could go up to AU$ 500.

For my two stays at the hospital, the insurance I’ve subscribed at this time took charge of everything (it cost more than AU$ 6000!!!). So I didn’t to worry about the financial side. And honestly, what a relief! Without insurance, I do not know how I would have done…

If you are traveling in a country like Australia, you have to keep in mind that you might not be cover by your social protection cover from your home country (social security system if you are French). So, you have any health problem, you won’t be covered and it could cost you a lot of money (like a lot lot lot lot…). If you are wondering, stop hesitating, and subscribe to an insurance asap. And as we said, prevention is better than cure! 😉

I am not telling you this to promote an insurance but that’s a real tip that I can give you to travel with an easy mind. And I am telling you this with full knowledge of the truth. 😉

Which insurance?

You want to subscribe to an insurance but you don’t know where to start? It can be hard to choose the one that fits you the most. There is a lot of competition on the market. I will share with you my different experiences with the insurances I’ve subscribed during my trips, it might help you out. 😉


This is my last test. I’ve took it for my trip in Cape Verde. It is the perfect insurance if you have a nomad life. The subscription is made in only few minutes on their website.

I loved the easy use of their platform and the chance to change the lenght of your trip at anytime. I didn’t have any health problem during this trip, so I am not able to tell you more about it but this insurance company has really good grades. For my part, I think that I will use it again during my next travel. I might be able to tell you’re about it then. 😉

Chapka assurances

I’ve subscribed to this insurance within the scope of my Working Holiday Visa for Canada. Before my arrival on the Canadian ground, I had to subscribe to 2 years insurance to make sure to be able to go in the country and get my 2 years visa.

Unfortunately, I’ve only stayed 2 weeks in Canada. For some reasons (Im writing another article about that), I didn’t go back there and I’ve asked for the cancellation of my insurance. Exceptionally, I could get a refund of a part of what I’ve paid.

The subscription was pretty easy and quick to do via their website but wasn’t as flowing as the SafetyWing one. Some of the friends I’ve met in Australia had subscribed to Chapka Assurances for their WHV and I didn’t have any bad feedback about it.

AFSE – MSH International

This one is the insurance I’ve used the most. I’ve took AFSE – MSH International for my 2 years in Australia. And, it didn’t disappoint me ! As I’ve told you earlier, I had the opportunity to try the aussie hospitals but also to pay several visits to General Practitioner. For each services, the insurance handled everything.

For the hospital, this one and the insurance were put in contact. I gave the contact details to the hospital and let know the insurance that I was hospitalised. Like this, I didn’t have to lend any fees.

For the medical consultations and the medicines, I just had to follow the bills to the insurance. I had to give an advance of the fees but I was refund as soon as the AFSE – MSH International received my bills.

The sending of the bills was the only damper : I had to send them to Singapore. I could forward them via my computer to open the refund file but the refund could be make only when the insurance receive the paper bill.

And you, which insurances do you use during your travels? What was you experience?

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