Marrakech between girls!

Few weeks after I went there with my Grand-mother, I traveled there with one my travel buddy, my friend Julie. She is a bookbinder. 🙂

Julie and I viewed in Moroccan teapot. ;)
Julie and I in the rooftop of the Riad El Kennaria

As some of you already knows, I have been victim of a car accident in early December. I am okay (I am a strong woman 😉 ) but my back is still painful which doesn’t allow me to travel with my backpack or to do some activities like driving a quad. So we’ve decided to adapt ourselves. Below, you will find what we did (with our thoughts) day after day. 🙂

Night 1

We took our plane in Beauvais in the early evening so we arrived super late in Marrakech (after 3hours and a half of flight). A driver was waiting for us at the airport to drive us to the riad we were staying at. He couldn’t drive us further than to the place Jemaa El Fna. So a guy was waiting for us there to carry our luggages and show us the way to our hotel. The square was completely empty and a weird atmosphere was there especially when it is your first time there as it was for Julie. The guy that was carring our stuff didn’t speak English or French which was kind of funny at the start but made Julie a bit worried about the place we were going to. I have to admit, it was kind of scary to follow this man, that we didn’t know, in the small and empty streets of Marrakech. But, we arrived safely to the Riad El Kennaria. ^^

Day 1

We woke up in our room and had breakfast (Mint Tea with some typical sweet dishes) on the rooftop of the Riad. After, we went for a nice walk in the souk and we decided to go by walk at the Majorelle Garden. In our way there, we stopped at the Ensemble Artisanal de Marrakech which is a group of Art and Craft shops. You can find the same things as in a souk but with less people and in a different atmosphere. There isn’t that much to see after that until the Garden. Julie did love the Garden especially the blue. We came back by taxi to go back to the old medina.

Jardin Majorelle - Marrakech
Jardin Majorelle – Marrakech

We decided to have a Mint tea somewhere and I’ve chosed to go to a place I’ve already tried with my grandmother : Zeitoun Cafe. We also had some Moroccan pastries which are really really sweet . 🙂 

Mint tea with Moroccan pastries - Zeitoun Café
Mint tea with Moroccan pastries – Zeitoun Café

For dinner, we tried the restaurant Le Marrakchi close to our riad and Jemaa-El-Fna. It was good but we both thought a bit expensive for what you have. And the service can be long (Moroccan time 😉 ). After that, we met up with some Moroccan friends on the rooftop of our riad to smoke a nargile. 🙂

Day 2

For our second full day there, we’ve decided to go on a day tour to the famous Ouarzazate. It is a city in the middle of nowhere, most people cross it in their way to the desert (which I think it’s the best way to do it). It became famous because of the old village Aït Ben Haddou where a lot of movies and series were shooted (like Gladiator, Games of Thrones..). We booked the tour via our riad with Itinerance Plus for 25€ per person without lunch.

We left the riad super early to join the group but we left Marrakech almost 2 hours after (and it was freezing at this time of the day). The road to go there is amazing the landscapes are wonderful. But, it’s also a lonnnng way to get there (around 4 hours driving). We stopped at a picture spot on our way there :

Lookout view
Lookout view

Our second stop was in Aït Ben Haddou, the old village where they are making the movies. After a walk there and discovering how the locals were doing secret messages, we stopped for lunch at the restaurant l’Oasis d’Or which is not too bad but not the best one we’ve tried so far. After that, the driver brought us to Ouarzazate where we could visit the movies studios or the Kasbah. We thought that a day tour isn’t worthing it at all, the better is to stop there in your way to the desert or to Marrakesh from the desert. We came back a bit late from the tour.


For dinner, we wanted to try one of the food shop in Jemaa-El-Fna but the touts annoyed us too much so we left and join 2 others French people that we’ve meet during the tour at Chez Soufi Fatah (really cheap restaurant).

Day 3

On our third and last full day, we had our usual and typical breakfast with view on the rooftop of our riad. After that we’ve done a walk in the old medina to follow a walk suggest by Lonely Planet. We have seen different part of the souk where we’ve never been before like the Mouassine fountain or the tanners suburb. This last one is really impressive. You can visit where they are doing the leather with animals skin for few dirhams one of the employees can give you a tour and explain you what they are doing there. Be careful, don’t go there with new white shoes and expect a bad smell. 😉

Tanner - Marrakech
Tanner – Marrakech

Once we came back to the riad and had a homemade juice on Jemaa El Fna before to go for a hammam and massage at Les Bains de Kabaria. We spent the whole afternoon there and we loved it. For 70 € we’ve got Turkish bath with black soap scrub with eucalyptus + 1 hour full body massage + pedicure + manicure. It was really worth it. The staff is really nice and professional. We highly recommend it. Just, don’t forget to book it in advance: the best way to do so is to go there and book it. 😉

After that, we came back close to the riad and went for dinner to La Cantine des Gazelles. And we’ve loved it. The staff is really friendly and professional. The service is quick. The menu is really good and with an amazing valu for money. It is working so well that they have to refuse client. You must book in advance to make sure to have the opportunity to try their food. 

La Cantine des Gazelles
La Cantine des Gazelles

To finish our trip their, we had our last nargile on the rooftop of the riad with our Moroccan friend. 🙂

Day 4

On our last day there, we enjoyed our last breakfast with view before to head one last time to the souk. We did our souvenirs shopping at this moment. Our friends told us to negociate a lot the prices to make sure to get a good final price. We ate on the streets before to head to the airport.

Light shop - Souk - Marrakech - Morocco
Light shop – Souk – Marrakech – Morocco

Before to leave the riad, we had to print our tickets even if we only had cabin luggages. You must know that in Marrakesh airport you have to get a stamp for the boarding desk. If not, you can’t get throw security, emmigration or get to your plane. 😉

And you, what would you recommend to do there? 🙂

Let’s go back to the top! 🙂

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