Merry Christmas from down under

Few years ago, I had my first Christmas away from my family but also my first one under the sun. On first my sixth month in Australia, I had to discover how to spend this special season without my closest ones.

I was lucky enough to meet some amazing people to spend it with. Most of us were French, so the weirder thing for all of us was the weather. We all agreed that we didn’t feel the Christmas in the same way than back home in spite of all the Aussie attempts.

We decided to go out all together for dinner on the 24th of December in Darling Harbour (it’s one of the most touristic place there but it’s also the place to be to see a free firework while you are eating ๐Ÿ˜‰ ).

On the 25th of December, we all went in Bondi Beach to eat the best homemade barbecue. It’s the best place to meet new people while cooking and to enjoy the summer weather a bit more. Below an example on how everyone shares the barbie (Aussie slang for barbecue).

Christmas Barbecue in Bondi Beach Sydney Australia

Christmas Barbecue in Bondi Beach

For New Years Eve, we decided to see the famous fireworks on the Sydney Bay. We spent the whole day under the sun playing cards, talking and eating snacks to be able to see this amazing show. I highly recommend it to you. I was lucky enough to see it twice.

Sydney fireworks

Sydney fireworks

Small tips from Lea: when are overseas and by yourself for the festive season, meet people, go out, try to find the typical way to celebrate and ENJOY. ๐Ÿ™‚ ย If you are in Oz for example, for Christmas, go to the beach and try one of the free barbecue (they call them barbie there ๐Ÿ˜‰ ), and for new years eve, find where you can see the famous Sydney fireworks. And if you like festivals, there is an amazing on the 1st of January at the Domain, in the middle of the city :

Field Day - Sydney - Australia

Field Day – Sydney

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