My 2019 Travel Wishlist

First at all, Happy New Year to all of you! As every year, January is the time where you think about what you would like to change, do or whatever during the year. For me, no new resolutions that I won’t keep, just a list of the places I would love to go this year.

  • Do a bivouac in the Moroccan Desert,
  • Travel all around Mexico with my backpack,
  • Discover Greece (this is on my list since few years, let’s hope I will do it this year 🙂 )
  • Visit some friends in Switzerland,
  • Go to Miami,
  • Go back to New York during spring, summer or autumn,
  • Finally drive to Etretat and see its famous cliffs,
  • Visit Bordeaux and around,
  • See more of the Puy-en-Velay area,
  • Volunteer to another project,
  • Etc. 😉

Let’s see in December what I’ve been able to do! 😉

What about you guys, where are you planning to go this year? 🙂

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