On an adventure between Playa Maderas and Samara

During the night of the 13th of May, a big storm started far away but it slowly started to approach where we were until it started to pour down! The rain and the storm were so hard that the electricy was shut down. What says no electricity also means no wifi. Of course, that’s when we needed the wifi the most to plan our trip to Costa Rica. And what a journey it was!

We’ve started our day missing our shuttle. Once we finally made it to San Juan Del Sur, we had to find a means of transport (but not too expensive, backpacker’s life principle…) to join the border between Nicaragua and Costa Rica without crossing Rivas (the prostests there got bigger so we had to avoid as much as we can all the big cities – that was also the reason why we had to leave Nicaragua as soon as we could).

Once we figured out a way to go to the border, we had to cross before to take a bus, and another one and again another one. The journey seems to be never-ending…

Of course, our adventures didn’t stop there. Once we finally arrived in Samara, our final destination, we had to find out the hostel where Luca, one of our Italian friend, worked. Sadly, after our arrival, they told us that the reception was closed since 9pm!! So, we had to find another hostel…all of this without having a proper meal since a really long time and carrying our backpacks and a surf board…

When we found an hostel, we had to find something to eat and of course almost everything was closed! Once we finished our “meal”, we all went to bed for a more than diserved rest. 😉

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