Retrospective 2019

A bit late, I share with you my retrospective of my year 2019. To start, I wish you all a beautiful year 2020. Last year, I’ve shared with you my wishlist of the places I wanted to go in 2019. 

2019 was full of unforeseen developments and discoveries but I couldn’t travel as much as I wanted. Due to the fact that, in december 2018, a friend and I had a car accident which prevent me to take my backpack and go on an adventure during few months. I still could do some small trips such as :  

  • Spending few days in Marrakech, I could visit Ouarzazate but I still didn’t have the opportunity to go in the desert (maybe this year ? Who knows ?),
  • A weekend in the Valais area in Switzerland to visit some friends that I’ve meet in South Africa
  • Visiting the city of Bordeaux during few weekends,
  • Exploring Etretat and its surroundings like Honfleur,
  • Partying at the férias of Dax this year again,
  • Going back to the Puy-en-Velay and visit the Bellonte farm of St Nectaire (an article about that is being writing, stay tuned 😉 ).
  • A week between friends in Corfou (I finally got to travel in Greece even if I still haven’t been to Athens or the Cyclades 😉 ),
  • A first unforgetable trip to Cabo Verbe (where I live now and a post about Fogo has already been published and few more are coming)

So, there are still few destinations that I didn’t have the opportunity to go yet such as : Miami, New York (not in winter) or Mexico. Next week, I will share with you my wishlist for this new year. I think it is gonna be a bit different. 😉 

Despite the fact that I couldn’t do all the trips I’ve dreamed about, my year was really full and a lot of new projects started in my head. I’ve also finally find a place where to put my suitcases. And this doesn’t have a price. 

Thanks a lot to all of you for following me this year. Let’s go for a new year together ! By the way, if you would like to see more pictures, more tips, more Instagram stories or anything, just let me know! 

And you, what is your retrospective of 2019? 

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