Robinson Crusoe island

During my trip in the Fiji islands, I took advantage of the opportunity to spend a day on the Robinson Crusoe island with Pauline, my travel buddy of the trip. From Nadi, we booked this tour. They picked up us on the morning in our hostel. After the car and the boat, we finally ended up at our destination.

The programme of the day includes :

  • A local singing welcoming,
  • Snorkelling and a glass boat tour,
  • Preparation of lovo : Fijian traditional method of cooking, the food is cooked during few hours in a hole with ember and the all thing recovered of banana leaves,
  • Walk on fire,
  • Meal with a show of traditional dances,
  • Walk in the island forest,
  • Crabes racing (yes, you read well, aussies love it!),
  • Return to Nadi.

My opinion

This day is kind of expensive (83€ per person). It is not an authentic village neither a immersion to the locals. But, the food is really good and the staff really welcoming. If you don’t have to much time I would recommend you to choose more interesting experiences than this one. Anyway, we had a great day there and keep a great memory of it.

Course de crabe

And you, have you been there? What did you think of it?

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