The Isle of Pines

At the beginning of my second year visa in Australia, with my friend Audrey, I went for a month on the roads of the countries around: New Caledonia, New Zeland et Tasmania. In New Caledonia, we enjoyed our time their to spend few days in the idyllic island of The Pines.


Via the airline company Air Calédonie, we arrived by plane from Nouméa. As an inside, we really loved the “carpet” to get our suitcases. We thought it was really original. 😉

For the return, we’ve decided to take the boat this time. Comfy enough, more ecological, cheapest than the plane but also a bit longer, we liked this journey. The company Bético is really great.


We booked our nights to the camping Atchu with a transfer from the aerodrome. For a very affordable price (around 6 000 CPF per night), we were sleeping in a rudimentary cabin but comfy anyway. The biggest advantage was that we were only 5 minutes away by walk for the famous Kanuméra Bay.

A luxurious hotel, the Hôtel Ouré Tera is close by and have a view of the beach. We went there to eat and drinks cocktails during sunset.

By the way, that’s also were we tried the famous bougnat. This local meal is made of local vegetables, coconut milk, chicken or fish. Ce plat local est constitué de légumes locaux, de lait de coco, du poulet ou du poisson (au choix). The all thing is cooked in banana tree leafs.


The natural swimming pool of Oro

We enjoyed this stay to do a tour on a pirogue and go to the natural swimming pool of the island. Yves, the camping’s owner was charged with the booking and the organisation for us. We could see turtles but also some idyllic landscapes. Once the pirogue’s tour was over, we had to walk around fifteen minutes in the forest before to get to… the “toll”. We just had to pay few Francs du Pacifique.

Once the toll has been paid, we could finally have access to the natural swimming pool. We could take as many pictures as we wanted but also swimming in a beautiful turquoise water.

To return, we had to walk a bit to our transfer. The return is done by car from there. At the meeting point, it is possible to buy food and drinks but also to buy a hat braided in banana tree leafs.

A small hike

Another day, we decided to go for a small hike. We went on the top of the mountain nearby. The round trip can be made in few hours. Be careful, do not forget to bring water, to wear good shoes and some money to pay the “toll”. Once we arrived to the summit, we got an amazing view on this side of the island. And, this allowed us to understand why it is named isle of pines. On our way back, we had the chance to try some local sugar cane.

There are plenty of other things to do in the island. 😉

The tolls

It is a right of passage on the territory of a tribe. 😉

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