Try carshare or not?

While planning a trip, most of the time, we think about checking the price of planes or train tickets but not always the trips suggested on the different carshare websites. Me the first! But little by little, I am trying to do it instinctively.

For example, I am visiting my brother in Puy-en-Velay, if I am not going by train, I am trying to offer my trip on Blablacar. By the way, that’s what I’ve done the last time I went there. I’ve also used it when I’ve been to the fêtes de Bayonne.

How does it work?

The principle is simple. You create a profil on one of the few websites of carshare such as Blablacar. When you think about going somewhere with your car and there is still some room left, you can share your itinerary. You can fix your price, the number of seats available.

If you are looking for a seat in a car. You just have to research the itinerary you want to take.

The payment is made via the platform.

The plus?

First at all, the site and the app (I only talk about Blablacar that I use) are super easy to use. They are quite safe. For that matter, the ID of every users is checked.

You can be refund of a part or more of the fees linked to your journey. You will receive the money from your passengers under 48 hours via a bank transfer on your account. If you are passengers, it could be cheaper that taking the plane or a train.

No obligation, you offer your time, your stops, your itinerary but also your conditions (music, animal authorised…). That’s great no?

You have the opportunity to accept or decline a passenger when they offer to join your trip. If something goes wrong, you can contact the platform and let it know about the incident. Someone will be in contact with you.

And, to finish, by sharing your car, you reduce your carbon footprint and are doing an ecological gesture. Isn’t it the most important for you? 🙂

The minus?

You don’t know the person you are traveling with. Even if people put great opinions, you do not have any guarantee as for the good proceedings of your trip.

This might forced you to make stops during your trip. Indeed, you could have to stop to pick up someone on your way or drop them before your final stop.

But also…

Did you know that you also could use carshare for your daily trip and not only long trip? 🙂

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