Two days in Kosta area

During my trip in Sweden with my dad, we visited the small town of Kosta. For that, we booked at Kosta Lodge. Very nice, it is possible to book a room in the main building or a chalet around the lake. We choose to stay in a room in the main building, it wasn’t very big but rather comfortable. The lodge has at your disposal a swimming pool and a car park. It is located close to the activities of the area as well. And, without liying, looking at this picture, the surroundings are kind of nice, aren’t they? 🙂

We enjoyed to be in Kosta to go to Glasriket. It is the place where they blow the glasses and other stuff. Same as in Murano in Venice (Italy), you could visit the factory and even buy some finished products in the shops around.

If you wish to have a drink in a special place, I highly recommend you to try the Glass Bar at the Kosta Boda Art Hotel. Almost everything there is made in the factory close by. The cocktails are a bit expensive but really good. 😉

You want to get some fresh air and to meet the famous moose? It is possible at the Grönåsens Älgpark. It is an animal park where some of them are living, There is also a part of the park that does prevention about the protection of those animals. The park also has a farm. This place is perfect for the kids but also for the oldest ones. 😉

And you, do you know this area? Did you like it?

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