When your mate got bite by a stingray…

He went to swim, play with the waves as if nothing would happen, like every day. And then, we saw him coming back trying to run with a weird face… We asked him if everything was ok and that’s when he told us no and showed us his bleeding foot… He just got bite by a sting ray! Luckily, a local guy was there to tell us what to do. You must know that the pain can be that hard that you could faint…

Fernando, our new friend, recommended us:

  1. Put his foot in hot water (we had to boil litres and litres of water!) while we were looking for an egg and some toilet paper,
  2. Once all the miracle ingredients were found, we dried his foot before to whisk the egg in a bowl and soak it the toilet paper,
  3. Put the soaked paper on the injury,
  4. The operation has to be done few times. The egg and its proteins need some time to act.
  5. Once the pain really dropped (it could take few hours or even few days to disappear completely), the wound has to be disinfected before to put a band aid.

As surprising as it could be, this technical worked! My friend felt better really quickly and didn’t faint. After that, the hardest was for him to go back in the water and overcome his new fear.

Let’s go back to the Top !:)

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