Why didn’t I do my Working Holiday Visa in Canada ?

When I’ve decided to return from Australia, I have applied for the Canadian Working Holiday. Thinking on going in the months following my return, I got it. So, I book a one way ticket towards Montréal in April 2017. But, as you could understand it, nothing went as planned…

Reason number 1

The first “blunder” was at the professionnel level. Since my return from Oceania, I was working again for my previous employer. My contract was supposed to be over before my departure for Montréal. Beyond that, they offered me a few months prolongation. I accepted it because I wanted to save as much money as possible to be able to enjoy when I will be there.

In order to activate my visa, as planned, I took a vacation in Montréal. Two weeks later, I was back in France. I thought that as the visa was 2 years length, I would go to Canada at the end of my contract.

In parallel, few other projects started growing in my mind:

So, I’ve decided to accumulate everything: a 2 months trip in South Africa, Christmas with my family, 10 days in NYC before to fly to Canada.

But, here is the thing, as always in life, nothing went as planned…

Reason number 2

Just before to go to South Africa, one of my grandmother went to the hospital. She was still there when I left (and when I returned)… And a sentence she said to tell me goodbye really got me: “you know, maybe when you will come back this time I won’t be there anymore…”. I always knew that was a possibility but this time, hearing her telling me that while she was in her hospital bed, it impacted me a lot…

She was supposed to get a surgery to get a kidney removal during my trip in South Africa. Inevitably, all along my journey, I thought “and if she was right and this time I don’t meet her again when I return?”.

In South Africa, I took the time to think about what I wanted and what I needed. Just so you understand, I took the decision to come back from Australia after 2years to be closer to mine. I know we shouldn’t put a stop to our dreams for our loved ones and it is important to think a bit about ourselves. But, thinking about it, I’ve realised that I need them and I didn’t want to regret not being here. For me, in life, there isn’t anything worst than regrets. In the scale, the “not being close to mines” regrets were way heavier than the ones of not living in Canada. Especially when you know me and my addiction to shorts and flip flops… 😉

Live without regrets

I know that some of you will tell me that I have wasted a visa, that I’ve should have thought about it before… I thought a lot about it and felt guilty. I’ve realised that travels, this kind of visa and experience make us open our eyes, make us growing up and realise the importance of some people in our lifes.

I hope that you won’t judge me too meanly. Will I regret one day to haven’t spend 2 years in Canada? Probably. Will I ever regret to stay ? Never ! 😉

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