As promised last week, I share (with a belated month) with you my wishlist for 2020. This year, it will be a different as I am moving to Cape Verde! So, I won’t be able to travel that much (even not at all) but if I can, here is what I would like to do :

  • Do the tour of São Nicolau island,
  • Going back to Santiage island to go to Tarrafal or Cidade Velha,
  • Walk from Chã das Caldeiras to the village of Mosteiros,
  • Hike during 2 days in the Bandeira in Fogo,
  • Go to Morocco and do an expedition in the desert, 
  • Being a volunteer in a local organisation,
  • Make a small getaway to Brazil (who is only few hours away from Cape Verde),
  • Visit more countries of the South of Africa,

My projects for this year are completely different as they are linked to my new life. And you, what are your projects ? Small or big ? Make me dream !  

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